B2b chemicals, paints & coatings market research

Research Associates was founded in 1976 and has conducted well over 1,000 studies throughout the world for public and private sector clients. RA carries out b2b market research in most industries and has particularly good experience in chemicals, paints & coatings market research in UK and international markets.

In these sectors RA has carried out  business-to-business market research projects relating to customer satisfaction & company imagemarket entry & developmentnew products or services, and company acquisition or due diligence.

Chemicals & coatings market research from Research Associates - business-to-business market research specialists

These projects have included working in markets such as –

  • Aviation coatings
  • Chemical industry risk management
  • Flexible plastics
  • Foundry chemicals
  • Industrial coatings
  • Intumescent coatings
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Liquid coatings for metals
  • Marine coatings
  • Marine fuels
  • MgO products
  • Moulded plastics
  • Paints and coatings
  • Plastics
  • Polybutene chemicals
  • Polystyrene and EPS
  • Porcelain enamel frits and glazes
  • Powder coatings
  • Power & telecom cable compounds
  • Solvent recovery machinery
  • Speciality inks
  • Timber protection chemicals
  • uPVC
  • Wood finishes

Here are some of the many client endorsements RA has received for its studies in chemicals, paints & coatings market research. Please see clients page for a list of some of our customers and international page for a list of countries where RA has conducted market research projects.

“Excellent. RA demonstrated an immediate understanding of the brief and the goals for the study. High quality work that provided valuable input to our understanding of the market.”
Global Product & eMarketing Manager, industrial coatings, Europe
“On target, on time, on budget – excellent.”
Market Research Manager, paints, UK
“Very good. They did a nice job overall partnering with me on all aspect of the project. A lot of great insights obtained to help stakeholders determine their strategy.”
Assistant V-P Manager Market Research, risk management in European chemical production sector
“I chose RA on previous experience. The report is excellent, I am very pleased with it as the messages for improving are things I am sure we can do. Understanding of requirements was very good and the work was executed efficiently and professionally. I was happy to allow RA to contact customers and prospects as I knew they would handle the calls professionally.”
Marketing Manager, industrial timber protection chemicals, Europe
“Very good. RA’s proposal demonstrated the brief had been understood, which lead to a clear work plan being agreed. All agreed actions were undertaken in a timely fashion and the RA personnel were committed and professional people. The research produced is of value to the business in re-defining strategy. My only suggestion is that you work to keep the high standards you’ve already set yourselves.”
Architectural Market Manager, powder coatings, UK
“Very good. A very good, professional company. Got the job done on time. Very pleased with the results and feedback. I liked the fact that one person, along with a set team were contacts throughout the project. The thoroughness of work, well presented. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
European Marketing Co-ordinator, speciality frits, glazes and porcelain enamels, Europe
“Very good – made us focus on our strategy. We chose RA based on our previous good experiences.”
Managing Director, rubber compounds, UK
“Very good. I chose RA as we received excellent reports from references. All the necessary work was covered without the continual reference back to us. We were surprised at the extent of detail gained from interviews from an industry which is not usually open with passing on its internal views on the market as a whole. Compared to other ‘City’ quotations we believe that the work represented excellent value for money. Perhaps the best measure of our satisfaction is that we would not hesitate in calling on their services for any future project.”
Group Director, MgO supplier, worldwide
“Very good. Recommended by colleagues RA worked for in the past. Very professional and reliable. Excellent presentation – customers’ quotes make the report lively and light reading. Good value for money. Customers’ comments are definitely a powerful way to pass messages. Don’t change!”
Global Marketing Manager, polybutene supplier, worldwide
“Excellent. We were not convinced regarding the survey methodology at the concept stage, but we are now! Friendly and efficient.”
Market Research Manager, coatings, UK
“Excellent. I chose RA because they were easily the best of the bunch interviewed. Very professional – our confidence is high in their output. Good methods and good value for money.”
Business Director, marine coatings, worldwide
“Very good. RA was suggested by affiliate who was very satisfied with results. Very professional work. Customers contacted commented on how professional interviewers were.”
Vice-President Sales, non-ferrous metal powders, USA
“A very professional and thorough exercise. The research confirmed our perceptions of how customers rated us and gave confidence to the team to progress the new image campaign.”
Business Promotion Manager, polystyrene suppliers, Europe
“Very good. A professional job carried out on time, and fully meeting our expectations. The report was detailed yet easy to read and understand. Clear understandings of what exactly was required were agreed beforehand. Agreed actions were carried out meticulously. Very nice people to work with.”
Marketing Manager, power and telecom cable compounds, Europe
“Excellent. I chose RA on their previous experience in the research area. Conducted with the minimum of input and with a result that fulfilled the brief. Matched what was discussed and agreed – open and up-front. Simplicity of implementation and execution.”
Coatings Consultant, industrial paint, UK

For more information or if you want to discuss your market research requirements, please contact Richard Brace on –

Tel: +44 (0)1785 813164   Email: richard@research-associates.co.uk