Research into civil engineering & construction markets

Research Associates was founded in 1976 and has conducted well over 1,000 studies throughout the world for public and private sector clients.

RA carries out business-to-business studies in most industries and has particularly good experience in civil engineering & construction market research in the UK and internationally.

In these sectors RA has carried out b2b market research projects relating to customer satisfaction & company imagemarket entry & developmentnew products or services, and company acquisition or due diligence.

Civil engineering & construction market research from Research Associates - experts in high level qualitative b2b research

Studies have involved high level qualitative interviews with –

  • Architects
  • Construction materials suppliers
  • Design & build companies
  • Civil engineering firms
  • Government Departments
  • Legislative bodies
  • M&E contractors
  • NGOs
  • PFI organisations
  • Planners and land owners
  • Specifiers
  • Tier 1 construction firms
  • Tier 2 construction firms
  • Trade associations and federations

RA’s experience has included working in markets such as –

  • BIM
  • Construction materials and products
  • Construction outsourcing
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Facilities Management
  • Facilities Services
  • Healthcare/Hospitals
  • Local Authorities
  • Industrial/commercial
  • M&E
  • PFI
  • Power Transmission
  • Rail
  • Roads
  • Smart Buildings
  • Stormwater
  • Nuclear
  • Utilities
  • Wastewater

Here are some of the many client endorsements RA has received for its civil engineering & construction market research studies. Please see clients page for a list of some of our customers and international page for a list of countries where RA has conducted market research projects.

“Excellent. I chose RA on the basis of having commissioned two previous successful studies from RA. It was an excellent exercise that met all of my requirements – it was produced to the required timescale and to the level of detail that made it a very valuable piece of work. Good people to work with. The approach works well!”
Sales & Marketing Director, civil engineering group, Middle East, North America, UK
“Very good. Very thorough report that delivered precisely the type of data we were looking for. The cost of the exercise was more than our business unit has ever spent on a research report in the past, but the value of having the data to develop a sound business strategy was well worth the investment.”
Business Development Manager, water treatment products, USA
“Very good. Clear expectation levels set at outset, good interpretation of objectives and approach required and good understanding of our business. Outcomes presented clearly and graphically, enabling interpretation and application to the wider project.”
Marketing Communications Manager, M&E services, UK
“Very good. I chose RA on a combination of previous experience, strong proposal and flexibility in designing the programme to suit budget available. The study was delivered on time and all milestones were met. It is also useful to have individual comments as well as the overall summary.”
Head of Marketing, construction services and facilities management, UK
“Excellent. I chose RA on the basis of having commissioned two previous successful studies from RA. It was an excellent exercise that met all of my requirements – it was produced to the required timescale and to the level of detail that made it a very valuable piece of work. Personal attention, hitting deadlines and being good people to work with. The approach works well!”
Sales & Marketing Director, construction and construction services group, UK
“Excellent. We chose RA as they had done excellent work in the past for us. Smashing, brilliant, excellent – a fantastic job! RA came through on a challenging project under very tight time constraints and did so with a positive, can-do attitude that made the project not only successful but enjoyable. They were extremely responsive, flexible and proactive, delivering on the objectives set forth and in advance of the due date – just amazing. Keep up the outstanding work!”
Senior Market Research Consultant, construction insurance, worldwide
“Excellent. I chose RA as we had good experiences in the past. Thorough and professional. Did exactly what we wanted. Good value for money. Managed to get to the people we wanted to hear from and presented the findings in a clear and easily understood format. Continue what you do well; don’t try to change it too much.”
Managing Director, architectural glass, UK
“Very good. Good structured approach, then implemented with great interviewing skill. Most pleasing was that the very specific brief was well understood and embraced, removing any fear that the research would be undertaken half-heartedly.”
Sales & Marketing Director, construction and fire protection board, UK
“Very good. A very professional job undertaken by a very capable and enthusiastic team. The method coped well with a difficult and complex subject area. The best thing about the RA work was the detailed report produced on time and to cost. Keep up the good work.”
General Manager, nuclear industry construction services, Europe
“Excellent. I chose RA on recommendation from the Group Chairman. Listened and understood the brief and produced the draft report as promised. Grasped what was required in a specialist technical market and produced exactly the sort of information required. Did not get hung up on jargon – a common failing in companies undertaking this type of work.”
Managing Director, civil engineering pre-cast pipes, UK
“Very good. RA was chosen initially for reputation then as a result of competitive tender. The job went well and the clear results which emerged provided a valuable pointer to our way ahead. A clear set of recommendations and detailed findings.”
Marketing Manager, government department, construction legislation, UK
“Very good methods and value for money. The best thing was the speed and accuracy.”
Marketing Director, construction employment services, UK
“Very good. Fully met our requirements. Prompt, simple process, clear answers to our brief.”
Corporate Marketing Director, construction plant, Europe
“Excellent. I chose RA because they had been used by other group companies and were well thought of.”
General Manager, on-site bulk handling equipment, UK
“I chose RA for this study because of past experience. It clarified our thinking on possible investment plans.”
Managing Director, utility vaults, UK
“Very good. Very professional approach – impressed with ability to gain access to competitors etc.”
Managing Director, on-site re-locatable buildings, Germany
“Very good. I chose RA because of recommendation. Thorough, completed on time, fully met with requirements of the brief.”
Chairman, construction firm, UK
“Thank you for your excellent work with us this year – it was perfect.”
Managing Director, BIM & Smart Building consultancy, worldwide
“Very good. We have a history of known quality work with this company.”
Director, PFI organisation, UK

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