B2b paper, print & packaging market research

Research Associates was founded in 1976 and has conducted well over 1,000 studies throughout the world for public and private sector clients.

RA carries out business-to-business market research in most industries and has particularly good experience in b2b paper, print & packaging market research in UK and international markets.

In these sectors RA has carried out b2b market research projects relating to customer satisfaction and company imagemarket entry and developmentnew products or services, and company acquisition or due diligence.

Paper, print & packaging b2b market research from Research Associates - 40 years of experience b2b international and UK business-to-business market research

These projects have included working in markets such as –

  • Anodised aluminium packaging
  • Aseptic liquid packaging
  • Blister packaging
  • Book printing
  • Catalogue printing
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Corrugated fibreboard packaging
  • Corrugated transport packaging
  • Digital ceramic printing
  • Flexible packaging
  • Flow wrapping
  • Inkjet personalisation services
  • Litho sheet-fed ink
  • Magazine and periodical publishers
  • Newspapers
  • Office paper supplies
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Screen printing materials
  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Stamping foils
  • Stationery manufacture
  • Tear-tapes
  • Wallpaper manufacture
  • Web offset printing services
  • Wet-laid non-woven papers
  • Wood-free coated papers

Here are some of the many client endorsements RA has received for its b2b paper, print & packaging market research studies. Please see clients page for a list of some of our customers and international page for a list of countries where RA has conducted market research projects.

“Very good piece of work. Gave a useful benchmark based on RA’s vast experience of doing similar exercises for other businesses.”
Chief Executive, speciality paper, worldwide
“Excellent. I chose RA on past experience. Extremely helpful. Provided a neutral assessment of the business potential but with a good degree of involvement in the project.”
Managing Director, digital ceramic printing, UK
“Very good. Good background knowledge and professional approach. The final report is comprehensive and directly pinpoints the areas our company needs to address. A very worthwhile unbiased report focussed on our market and an important benchmark for the future.”
Sales & Marketing Director, anodised aluminium packaging, worldwide
“Very good. I chose RA because of the methodology used. Very professionally organised and a well-structured report. The best thing was the comments included the report.”
European Sales & Marketing Director, pharmaceutical packaging, worldwide
“Very good. The research you gave us was very well received by the Board I am happy to report.”
Director of Marketing, industrial digital print heads, China, Europe, India, Mexico, UAE
“Very good. RA’s was the best presentation and suggested methodology. The final presentation was given in a very professional manner and with great confidence and conviction in the findings.”
Marketing Manager, wet-laid non-woven papers, worldwide
“Very good. I chose RA for this work because of previous experience. Professionally managed. The best thing about the RA work was the speed of response. Keep up the good work.”
Marketing and Sales Director, web offset printing, UK
“Excellent. We have used RA before and found them excellent. The best RA report yet – strong, incisive and witty. They really got to the heart of the subject.”
Marketing Manager, corrugated transport packaging, Europe
“Excellent. RA were recommended to me by a colleague. Didn’t take up my time – was able to brief then receive the deliverables with very little intervention. It opened our eyes to developing several value-added elements to our service offering. The best thing about RA’s work is the professional approach.”
Marketing Director, catalogue printing, UK
“Very good. I chose RA for this work because of good previous work. Well conducted and very professional. I like the comment count. The best thing was the methodology. We will use you again.”
Managing Director, aseptic liquid packaging, UK
“Very good. Very professional approach, understood the brief and background circumstances well. The best thing was the detail and extent of the marketing analysis and its application to our particular circumstances. Keep up the good work.”
Managing Director, book printing, worldwide
“Very good. Particularly thorough. Very pleased with the results. Competitor information and market sector breakdown with key target companies identified.”
Market Development Manager, heavy duty packaging, Eastern Europe
“Very good. I chose RA because of the proven results. Well managed and executed by a professional team. Consistency with high standards in all areas.”

Research & Development Director, business periodicals, worldwide
“Excellent – very smoothly and professionally executed. The unstructured approach allowing the customer to define his needs works very well in benchmarking. The comments produced detailed, actionable material.”
Marketing Consultant, wallcoverings, worldwide
“Excellent. Managed very professionally with a creative enthusiasm which was most refreshing. Value for money was very good. This was a technically and politically difficult project. The method devised was highly suited to all requirements. Stay in touch.”
Marketing & Sales Director, print and packaging group, worldwide
“Very good. Very thorough. You got in to see the people we wanted and gained new information we would not have got on our own.”
Marketing Manager, paper manufacturer, UK

For more information or if you want to discuss your market research requirements, please contact Richard Brace on –

Tel: +44 (0)1785 813164  Email: richard@research-associates.co.uk