Research Associates public sector market research

Research Associates was founded in 1976 and has conducted well over 1,000 studies throughout the world for public and private sector clients.

RA carries out business-to-business market research in most industries and also has particularly good experience in public sector market research in the UK and internationally.

Public sector market research from Research Associates - 40 years of b2b international and UK market research experience

RA’s experience in public sector market research has included working in areas such as –

  • Building codes development
  • Building research services
  • Business relocation services
  • Defence procurement
  • Defence research policy
  • EC programme evaluation
  • Engineering scheme evaluations
  • Employment programmes
  • Environmental policy
  • Export services evaluation
  • Health Authorities/NHS Trusts
  • Health and safety services
  • International standards
  • Inward investment
  • Laboratory services
  • Local Authority services
  • Local development planning
  • NHS procurement
  • NHS supply chain management
  • Nuclear consultancy services
  • PFI services
  • Regional development
  • Social policy
  • Trading standards
  • Training and support
  • Transport consultancy
  • UK government scheme evaluations

Here are some of the many client endorsements RA has received for its public sector market research studies. Please see clients page for a list of some of our customers and international page for a list of countries where RA has conducted market research projects.

“Excellent. Undertaken exactly in the time set and kept us informed. I much prefer their more limited number of interviews from a representative sample with free form questioning. Good value for money. They did exactly what they said they would do.”
Chief Executive, inward investment, UK
“Very good. We chose RA on track record, their creative approach and were confident the work would be carried out diligently. Good quality analysis and quality feedback was obtained from those interviewed. Good value for money.”
Aerospace Project Appraisal Officer, UK government department, worldwide
“Very good. Previous experience with RA has been good and this was a good, professional job. It was what we wanted – the unprompted approach works well.”
Strategy Director, hospital facilities management, UK
“Very good. The feedback on the website was very positive. I liked the person to person approach to potential users/buyers.”
Engineer & Marketing Manager, defence, worldwide
“Very good. The study was delivered on time and all milestones were met. It is also useful to have individual comments as well as the overall summary.”
Head of Marketing, healthcare services, UK
“Absolutely marvellous! Given the complexity of the subject the team managed to gain a very quick grasp of the industry and our proposed offering. Carry on as you are!”
Business Development Manager, NHS supply chain services, UK
“Very good. RA were recommended to me. The best thing about their work on this study was friendly personnel and keeping to a time scale.”
Research & Evaluation Manager, regional development, UK
“Very good. A professional approach, with clear individual talents resulting in a good team approach. Meaningful results were produced speedily and the team received as well as transmitted. The clear thinking free from the welter of meaningless jargon which plagues many such organisations doing similar tasks.”
Chairman of EC Evaluation Panel, EC Directorate-General, Europe
“Very good. RA were chosen to continue a piece of previous work. The job on a whole was very good and it was completed in a professional manner.”
Marketing Communications & Information, defence research and procurement, worldwide
“Excellent. We have used you before for this type of research. We have been extremely pleased with the results. Many thanks for all your hard work. The report gives an authoritative answer to questions which needed an independent opinion.”
Senior Information Officer, health and safety services, UK
“Very good. I chose RA as the previous job had been very good value. Very professional. Worked very well to timescales. Easy and open to work with – very good communication.”
Principal Consultant, nuclear consultancy, worldwide
“Very good. May I take this opportunity to say how much we enjoyed working with you. Our Board of Directors were pleased to receive the report and considered the study to be a valuable piece of research.”
Director of Quality, NHS Trust, UK
“A very useful project which helped identify and clarify the issues that we need to address. The recommendations and results were very helpful and clear, particularly the insights gained of the view investors have of the city.”
Head of Business Development, metropolitan council, UK
“Again another excellent job. A thorough understanding of our requirements was matched by a comprehensive, informative report. It has been a pleasure working with Research Associates again.”
Research Officer, training agency, UK
“May I take this opportunity to thank RA for all the work it has put in to producing this evaluation.”
Public Health Manager, government department, UK
“Very good.”
Director, PFI services, UK

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