B2b utilities market research

Research Associates was founded in 1976 and has conducted well over 1,000 studies throughout the world for public and private sector clients.

RA carries out business-to-business market research in most industries and has particularly good experience in utilities market research in both UK and international markets.

In these sectors RA has carried out b2b market research projects relating to customer satisfaction and company imagemarket entry and developmentnew products or services, and company acquisition or due diligence.

Utilities market research from Research Associates - 40 years of experience in b2b international and UK market research

Utilities market research projects have included working in areas such as –

  • Building environmental controls
  • Electric heating products
  • Electricity metering
  • Electricity distribution
  • Energy consultancy services
  • Energy management
  • Energy and power insurance
  • Fuel accreditation schemes
  • Gas appliances
  • Gas metering
  • Gensets
  • Heating element raw materials
  • Insulation
  • LV outdoor pillars
  • M&E services
  • Mobile network services
  • Mobile phones
  • Nuclear energy
  • Nuclear insurance
  • Nuclear waste management
  • Power & telecom cable supplies
  • Power & utilities insurance
  • Power cable and pylon maintenance
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Renewable energy
  • Stormwater management
  • Street lighting
  • Submarine telecom cables
  • Telecom network services
  • Telecom providers
  • UPS systems
  • Utilities infrastructure maintenance
  • Utility vaults
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Wastewater management
  • Water treatment

Here are some of the many client endorsements RA has received for its utilities market research studies.  Please see clients page for a list of some of our customers and international page for a list of countries where RA has conducted market research projects.

“Very good. We received proposals from three firms and we felt RA had the best approach for our market. RA was easy to work with, delivered early and provided a comprehensive report.”
National Sales Manager, water treatment, North America
“Very good. I chose the agency because of my previous experience with RA. Very well executed, excellent input into strategy. The opportunity to interact with the RA team who were fully committed to the project and very interested in it.”
Director of Energy Marketing, electricity and gas supply, UK
“Excellent. I chose RA on the basis of having commissioned two previous successful studies from RA. It was an excellent exercise that met all of my requirements – it was produced to the required timescale and to the level of detail that made it a very valuable piece of work. Personal attention, hitting deadlines and being good people to work with. The approach works well!”
Sales & Marketing Director, utilities maintenance, UK
“Very good. Clear expectation levels set at outset, good interpretation of objectives and approach required and good understanding of our business. Outcomes presented clearly and graphically, enabling interpretation and application to the wider project.”
Marketing Communications Manager, M&E services, UK
“Very good. RA demonstrated a good understanding of the work required and articulated a clear approach to how this would be done. RA delivered what they committed to deliver and on time. The report was detailed and significant information has been obtained for us to use. The information is an important input to the ongoing strategy we are currently formulating. Richard and Lucy were very easy to work with and very responsive to our needs.”
Managing Director Power & Utilities Practice, energy and power insurance, worldwide
“Very satisfactory piece of work, meeting the brief and results presented clearly and concisely. Identified a number of important commercial issues that were not part of the original brief.”
Marketing Manager, electrical appliances, UK
“I chose RA based on previous work with us. A well planned and executed piece of work. Detailed opinion gathering exercise. Friendly and unpretentious.”
Business Strategy Manager, mobile phones, UK
“Very good. RA have done similar reports for us in other markets. Very professional with a friendly/informal manner. The comments in the report are ‘punchy’ and to the point. Methods obviously effective in understanding the market and capturing relevant comments from the marketplace and even competitors.”
Project Manager, electricity distribution, UK
“Professional at all times with an excellent final presentation. Always consultative, always professional, always happy to add their considerable expertise to the process. Keep in touch! I’m sure their services can be of further use in the future.”
Group Commercial Director, stormwater management, UK
“Very good. A very professional job undertaken by a very capable and enthusiastic team. The method coped well with a difficult and complex subject area. The best thing about the RA work was the detailed report produced on time and to cost. Keep up the good work.”
General Manager, nuclear energy, worldwide
“Very good. I chose RA as the previous job had been very good value. Very professional. Worked very well to timescales. Easy and open to work with – very good communication.”
Principal Consultant, nuclear consultancy, worldwide
“Excellent. I chose RA due to the continued relationship following previous project. Delivered promptly on the key issues.”
Director of Business Development, UPS, Europe
“Very good. I chose RA on Group recommendation. Adopted a professional approach and delivered on the brief given. They took time to understand our business.”
Director & General Manager, generators, worldwide
“Very good research report – appropriate approach for project. Enabled us to quantify the market and set a strategic direction.”
Commercial Division, LV outdoor pillars, UK
“Very good. Flexible approach, timescales, price. A comprehensive report.”
Marketing Manager, telecom network services, UK
“I chose Research Associates because of previous work conducted. The method and approach is proven and professional. This was a complex task. RA rapidly understood the issues involved and got access to influential people. The study served as a focal point for our strategic discussions. Good value – the cost is insignificant compared to a development spend.”
Product Manager, electricity and gas meters, Europe

For more information or if you want to discuss your market research requirements, please contact Richard Brace on –

Tel: +44 (0)1785 813164  Email: richard@research-associates.co.uk