Business-to-business market research services

Research Associates is a business-to-business market research agency conducting b2b studies in UK and international markets.  We specialise in interviewing the people who matter, whatever their seniority, either on the telephone or face-to-face.

As a full service agency, we design your study, conduct the fieldwork, analyse the results, write the report and present the findings.  At every stage we keep your objectives in mind.

After each study our clients are asked to give a formal rating of a job.  The last 100 studies were rated by clients as  Poor – 0,  Average – 0,  Good – 6,  Very good – 61  and  Excellent – 33.

Excellent 33%
Very good 61%
Good 6%

Each study we conduct is individually designed.  Every business has different issues and different specific questions that need answering, but broadly speaking our studies tend to be of these main types.

“Always consultative, always professional, always happy to add their considerable expertise to the process.”
Civil engineering client, UK
“Excellent. Your thoroughness is unsurpassed.  Great insights on the market – very thorough.  Keep up the good work!”
Risk management client, Asia
“I have used RA for many years and have always been happy with their work.  I did not consider anyone else.”
Company acquisition research client, UK
“Excellent.  Fast, reliable insight delivery allowing us to make strategic decisions.  Great value for money.  Fast and as briefed.”
Food industry client, Europe
“Excellent.  RA have a very good grasp of the dynamics of our market so were able to interpret the results of the research in a very practical way.”
Building products client, UK
  • What do our customers and non-customers think of us?
  • What do they think of our competitors?
  • What are they looking for from suppliers like us?
  • Where are we seen as outperforming our competitors, where are we falling behind?
  • How can we gain an advantage over the rest of the market?
  • What does the market think of this company?
  • Where is it seen to be strong and weak?
  • How does it compare to the other players in the market?
  • Are there any issues regarding performance or reputation we don’t know about?
  • Does it look like a company with a good future?
  • What is going on in this market – is it growing or declining – why?
  • Who are the main players in this market and are they any good?
  • Are there any gaps or unfulfilled needs?
  • What would be the best ways to develop or enter this market?
  • What does the market think about our new idea?
  • What are its most appealing features?
  • Are there any concerns about it?
  • Is it likely to be well received and have a profitable future?
  • If not, are there any changes we could make to increase appeal?