RA company acquisition & due diligence research

Research Associates conducts business-to-business market research into company acquisition before, during and after the due diligence phase.

Each study Research Associates conducts is individually designed as every business has different issues and questions that need answering.  However, the points listed below are often covered in research projects involving company acquisition and give an indication of the sort of issues we address for our clients in UK and international markets.

Identification of potential acquisition targets

  • The market of interest – current practices, future trends, implications of these for any potential target companies.
  • The criteria to be taken into consideration when developing a shortlist of targets to be acquired.
  • Shortlist of likely companies. For each company – name and address, approximate turnover, number of employees, products or services offered, specific customer sectors of importance, links with other companies, overview of suitability.
  • Which of the target or targets looks most suitable to approach and why?

Due diligence research

  • What does the market think of this company? From the perspective of its customers and non-customers and other interested parties where is it seen to be strong and weak? How does it compare to the other players in the market?
  • Are there any issues regarding performance or reputation we don’t know about? How serious are these issues?
  • Does it look like a company with a good future? From the perspective of the market, does this company look like a good buy?

Post due diligence or company acquisition research

  • How has the market viewed the acquisition of this company? What implications, if any, has the acquisition had on market perceptions of the company?
  • From the market perspective, has the post-acquisition integration phase gone smoothly? What, if anything, needs to be put right?
  • What advice does the market offer to your organisation to sell more of your products and/or services to them in the future?

This is just a snapshot of some of the common themes in b2b company acquisition & due diligence research that RA has carried out worldwide for organisations in all industry sectors.

Please see clients and international links for a list of some of our customers and the countries where RA has conducted market research projects over the last 40 years.

Please see industry sectors for details of market sectors and some customer reviews of our work.

If you would like to chat to us about how b2b market research might help your business or if you have a specific project in mind, please call Richard Brace on +44 (0)1785 813164 or email richard@research-associates.co.uk.

Very good. RA were one of only a few companies with demonstrable expertise in acquisition search. RA quickly understood the brief and added value in the definition phase. The project proceeded to plan and on time and RA may have found a needle in a haystack!”
General Manager, outsourcing group, UK and Asia
Excellent. A very helpful piece of research which has contributed to our decision to acquire the target business. Good value for money. Keep up the good work!”
Chairman, IT company, UK
“Excellent. The information on the northern operation was very good – you spoke to some of the most important people and found out the condition of the factory.”
Business Development Manager, food manufacturing, UK
Company Acquisition and Due Diligence Research