RA new product or service market research

Each business-to-business market research study Research Associates conducts is individually designed as every business has different issues and questions that need answering.

However, the points listed below are often covered in projects investigating and assessing new products or services and give an indication of the sort of issues we address in UK or international markets.

Current usage

  • Current usage of similar products or services.
  • Factors taken into consideration when choosing similar products or services.  What are the specific features buyers want from a product or service of the type in question?
  • What buyers like about currently available products.  What is missing – what would they like to be able to get that they can’t at the moment?

New product or service

  • What does the market think about our new idea?  What are its most appealing features?  Are there any concerns about it?
  • Is it likely to be well received and have a profitable future?  If not, are there any changes we could make to increase appeal?
  • Individual features can be tested, rated, and strengths and weaknesses discussed.


  • From the buyer perspective what features do you need to include in your new product or service?
  • How can you best differentiate your product or service from the existing products or services on the market?
  • Based on the findings of the research, does the new product look like a good investment?

This is just a snapshot of some of the common themes in new product market research that Research Associates has carried out worldwide for organisations in all industry sectors.

Please see clients and international links for a list of some of our customers and the countries where RA has conducted market research projects over the last 40 years.

Please see industry sectors for details of market sectors and some customer reviews of our work.

If you would like to chat to us about how b2b market research might help your business or if you have a specific project in mind, please call Richard Brace on +44 (0)1785 813164 or email richard@research-associates.co.uk.

“Excellent. We are already making changes to our service offering as a result of the report findings which we know will have a positive impact.”
Marketing Manager, automotive services, UK
“Absolutely marvellous! Given the complexity of the subject the team managed to gain a very quick grasp of the industry and our proposed offering. Carry on as you are!”
Business Development Manager, distribution services, UK
“Excellent. RA were recommended by a previous client. Just right. Very good value for money and recommendations sound. Precise and flexible.”
Division Manager, fire protection products, worldwide
“Excellent. It opened our eyes to developing several value-added elements to our new offering. The best thing about RA’s work is the professional approach.”
Marketing Director, packaging company, UK
“Very good. Very satisfactory piece of work, meeting the brief and results presented clearly and concisely. Identified a number of important commercial issues with the new product that were not part of the original brief.”
Marketing Manager, building products, UK
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